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Thank you for using www.Addanything.com. We hope you enjoy your visits and find use of all the new features and benefits that we have to offer. Remember, No account is required to post, No flagging worries and most importantly, Real Live Customer Support. We hope you enjoy the site. We ask that you help us monitor the site and keep it bug and error free by reporting any issues, bugs or errors to us so that we can correct them immediately. Use the contact us form or simply send an email to, Support@addanything.com. Thank you and happy posting!


All pictures must be below 200kb before attempting to upload them. Anything bigger will not upload correctly. Also, accepted file formats for images are - jpg, gif, png. Other file type will have issues uploading. You may upload up to three pictures for each AD. The first picture you upload will be the one listed next to your AD on the posting page.


Featured Images is a section for you to put an image you have up to be included in the rotation on the homepage. This is currently a free feature, but may one day change. The image will only appear in the city you posted it in. Remember the default homepage for AddAnything.com is New York City.


Posting an Event will have it listed under the EVENTS TODAY on the main page of the city you posted it in for the dates of the active Event. This is a great way to let others know what you have going on, like a Garage Sale. The event will only appear in the city you posted it in. Remember the default homepage for AddAnything.com is New York City.


After you find your city you wish to list in, click POST AN AD on the left sidebar. Select the category you wish to post in, then the sub category. The next screen is the AD post edit screen. Make sure you fill in EVERY field. We do not want your AD to get lost! Once you are done editing your AD, you can select an OPTIONAL Paid Feature Upgrade from the text box on the bottom of the page. This is an optional service to let you make your AD more predominate. When you are done editing your AD, hit the Submit button.


You must check your email box after you hit Submit. You will receive a verification email with the activation link to your AD. If you do not click this activation link your AD will not be posted. Make sure you click that link as soon as possible. Once you activate your AD, the AD will be active on AddAnything.com and searchable. Can't find the verification email, please check your spam box.

All ADs will expire from the site in 120 days or until you delete it yourself, whichever comes first. You are also free to post as many ADs as you wish in any cities relevant to your posting with no worries.


Every AD you submit has a verification email sent to the email Address you provided on the AD. This email is important so do not lose it. You will have an activation link (that activates your AD) and an edit link (that allows you to make changes to your AD) in this email. These links are the only way to verify and edit your AD.


The default location for AddAnythnig.com is New York City. To change the location, select UNITED STATES from the right side bar. A listing of cities will appear in alphabetical order. Find your location in the list and click on it. You will be taken to you cities homepage.

NOTE - Some of the larger cities are divided up into areas, but they will all appear under a specific heading. For instance, Bronx is listed as NYC (for New York City)-Bronx. So to find the Bronx homepage, you would scroll to the N section of the city list and find NYC - Bronx. Other areas include - San Francisco Bay Area (SF Bay) and South Florida (S. Florida). If you cannot find your specific area, first look into the general area of what is around you before contacting us to make a new city for you.


When you want to view an AD, click on the blue headline on the posting page and it will open in a new window.


Posting is FREE on ADdAnything.com with the exception of the Jobs Category and any Adult 18+ Category.

Job Posts cost $16. This is the lowest fee you will see on the job boards across the internet. This fee must be paid before your AD will become active, even if you verify the AD in the email. All unpaid Job Postings will be removed from the database within 48 hours.

We do offer posting packages for those companies who will be posting many ADs. The options and costs can be found at the end of the edit AD page when you first create the AD. There is a drop down menu that gives you the options of paying $16 for one post or a higher amount to multiple posting. Once paid for, these posts can be used whenever you wish to use them. You can use them in any job category in any city.

Adult 18+ Posts cost $5 to post and are highly regulated and checked to make sure everything is on the up and up.

All paid posts are NON REFUNDABLE. No exceptions! Once it is paid for, the AD is active. All payments go through PayPal with a valid credit card.


We have not adopted a one strike and you are out rule here at AddAnything.com. On other classifieds sites, anyone can flag your AD for immediate removal for any reason. Paid or not paid. We do not think that is a good practice. We have watched many, many ADs get flagged and removed by competitors who want their AD to have the most attention.

You can report an AD as abuse, in which case our staff will review the AD. The AD still remains active during this review process. If it is found that the AD violates the Terms of Use, it will be removed, paid or unpaid. No refunds will be issued for a removed paid AD. To report an AD as Abuse, simply click the REPORT ABUSE link in the upper right corner of the AD. This will send a message to us to review said AD.


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